The War of Justice

Our patience has waned and the dawn of judgment comes.

I, Regent Adrienne Lévesque, on behalf of the Kingdom of Ascalon declare war upon the Lowlander clans known as “Gwynedd” and “the Merry Men,” and the Lowlanders in the south of “Valkyria.” In the pursuit of justice, the capital and corelands of the Duchy of Falconreach shall be reclaimed from the hands of their occupants, and the perpetrators of crimes against the realm and its people shall be brought to account.

Maid Marion, Otto the “Great,” and Nadia the “Valkyrie” are hereby reaffirmed to be criminals of Ascalon for their litany of misdeeds. They will be brought to Arescod for trial, by force, else by choice if they muster the dignity to defend their deeds. Their collective crimes range from banditry and kidnapping, to even the murder of Ascalonian nobility.

Ascalon does not forget.

score: 129
Primary Attacker:
Other Attackers:
Arx Umbrae Nadia the Valkyrie Valkyria never attacked
Isenvadium Viridius Clodianus Gwyneddicus Provincia Asrania never attacked
Oberon Flavia Eternia Magna Provincia Asrania never attacked
Saint Helm Lorencin Bardaille Falconreach occupied
Talon's Reach Victor Talonclaw Falconreach contested
Blackstag Lodge Fulco of Cansedia Falconreach occupied
Steelhold Gregory Prescot III Steelguard occupied

The war has been declared.