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Recent writings from player characters about in-game events, observations, or thoughts.

A Meeting In The Northlands Ii

Written by Takkan d'Raibesselt on 33-58-2 (June 13, 2022 14:32)

Rivkah Kleykirya

Rivkah's clear eyes descend upon Takkan d'Raibesselt like frost revealed by the rise of morning. Completely inexpressive, her face could at best be assumed one of appraisal. But it is naturally her mouth which ends up contrasting from the rest, the corner of her lip slightly curling at the man's pause after the greeting. Amusement on his discomfort? Approval on his good-manners? Pleasure on his sudden shyness? It is hard to tell for sure.

It is the only reply she offers, that smile, and a s...


The Order Of The Grey Custodians

Written by Lachlann Cousland on 33-58-1 (June 13, 2022 10:53)

"In Darkness, Light. In Falsehood, Truth. In Tyranny, Justice."

We are an order of warriors of exceptional ability dedicated to fighting evil and injustice throughout the world. We are currently headquartered in the Custodian's Keep in Deargailbh, also the base of operations for The Caorrani Custodians Chapter, and we aim to expand our influence across the world.

A Custodian's job is finding and dealing with dungeons, ridding the land of evil, protecting smaller settlements, defending the weak and fighting tyranny whe...


A Meeting In The Northlands....

Written by Takkan d'Raibesselt on 33-47-1 (May 16, 2022 05:25)

Rivkah Kleykirya:

The clop-clop-clop of multiple horses resounding on the stone pavement, a small retinue reaches the gates of Lubbrowa with a black-axe-on-a-golden-field banner fighting against the wind and looming over the company.

On a small blue roan, a Second One herald announces the group towards the guards: "I introduce Chieftain Rivkah of the Clan of Tor Kleykirya of the Clans of the north, who requests audience with Lord Takkan d'Raibesselt of the Clanlands d'Serrai, and brings a gift in goodwill gesture..."

A ...


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