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Recent Journal Entries

Recent writings from player characters about in-game events, observations, or thoughts.

The Fate And The Song Of Óþyrmir

Written by Ryst Vibak on 41-51-2 (June 4, 2024 06:40)

News quickly spread from the Ardaling Tribes, across Rathgar proper and other Rathgari states that Óþyrmir had fallen in a last stand at Hunter’s Hold. The Ardalings speak of Óþyrmir as a hero, and the Asirians as deceitful invaders, causing a shift of opinions in Rathgar. With the news, the 'Song of Óþyrmir' spreads further into Rathgar.

Upon the walls of Hunter's Hold,
Upon the walls of Hunter's Hold,
Óþyrmir stood so bold,

Pick up sword and shield,
Pick up sword and shield,...


Ultima Revelatio

Written by Asran The Light-Bearer on 41-46-1 (May 27, 2024 15:10)

"Behold, I beheld a great storm rise in Caelum, a swirling maelstrom of darkness and light. The heavens were rent asunder, and the stars fell from their lofty abode. From the east, a blackened sun did rise, and the seas churned with the blood of man, signaling the end of all things." Such was the revelation of the Prophet Dundarak.

Since that cataclysmic revelation, mankind has strayed far from the path of righteousness, forsaking the radiant embrace of the Eternal Sun for the false idols and...


The Oath Of The Swanborn

Written by Eormenhild of the Swan on 41-44-1 (May 24, 2024 17:57)

Some few of those that travel from the Fading Isles claim to be of the Swan. They are often sailors, and sometimes, their sad song may be heard when a port is quiet. It is never accompanied by more than a single instrument, and sometimes not even that. If asked, they say that it was composed by Eormenhild of the Swan. Other details are not forthcoming.

Swanborn, an oath we swore,
To raise sails for lands forlorn,
To distant, misty shores once more,
To lift our swords ‘gainst the mist-born, ...


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