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Recent writings from player characters about in-game events, observations, or thoughts.

Chronicles Of Luminal Convergence: Unveiling The Mirror Image - A Treatise

Written by Ignatius Eternius Faracus on 39-45-2 (November 27, 2023 00:19)

By: Ignatius Eternius Faracus

Ah, dear reader, gather 'round and lend me your ear, for I, Ignatius Eternius Faracus, shall unveil the mysteries concealed within the enigmatic Lendan Stones. A peculiar magic, a relic from a bygone era, that has graced our world with its presence on the faraway island whence it takes its name.

Picture, if you will, identical pairs of stones, bound by a force both subtle and steadfast. A force just enough to prevent separation by wind or water, yet yielding easily to the curious touch of ...


Caorran And The Eternal God

Written by Rhiannon Cousland on 39-41-4 (November 21, 2023 17:48)

In the esteemed chronicles of Ecclesial history, the conversion of Caorran stands as a testament to the transformative power of faith and an unwavering commitment to divine providence. As the designated Caorrani Cardinal, entrusted with the sacred duty of elucidating the intricacies of this spiritual metamorphosis, I find it imperative to delve deeper into the profound journey that led the Caorrani people to embrace the radiant embrace of the Aeternum Solis.

The saga unfolds against the backdrop of t...


Chapter 4: Caorran And The Triumvirate And The Triumvir Wars

Written by Aldous Fletcher on 39-41-4 (November 21, 2023 17:42)

The historical narrative takes a significant turn with the arrival of the unslumbered Asrians, led by Asran 'Luxferre', in the western wastelands. This event not only marked the fall of the Wastes of the West but also heralded the ascendancy of Asrania. As a gesture of goodwill, Empress Sharona Arbuckle integrated the Asrians into the Confederation, incorporating them as its latest Member-State with the support of King Cailean I, despite her initial inclination to annihilate these "invaders."

The slumbering of ...


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