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Recent writings from player characters about in-game events, observations, or thoughts.

Flyer For The Warriors' Guild

Written by Gordianus Clodianus Rhodosinus on 40-13-4 (January 8, 2024 15:57)


Honor-bound denizens of the Solisian Empire, heed the call to arms! By the divine charter of Emperor Asran 'Luxferre', the Warriors' Guild stands resolute as the bastion of martial prowess in the year 40. Grand Champion Gordianus Clodianus Rhodosinus, the indomitable author of this decree, extends an invitation to those who seek glory, wealth, and the unyielding embrace of combat.


The Warriors' Guild, sanctioned by the Empire, stands as the foremost aut...


An Empire Born

Written by Asran 'Luxferre' on 40-7-5 (December 30, 2023 23:06)

Apotheon: An individual element of a greater, transcendent whole.

It forms the core of the Solisian faith, wherein, upon death, one achieves apotheosis—a state of pure enlightenment transcending mortal existence to revel in the glory of Caelum. In this realm, all departed souls find residence, and the faithful escape this eternal war waged against the arch-betrayer and her foul-born progeny.

"His Imperial Majesty, crowned by Sol, Sovereign of the Western Domains, Commander of the Faithf...


Songs Of Caorran: The Custodians' Tale

Written by Aldous Fletcher on 40-7-3 (December 30, 2023 10:06)

(Verse 1)
"In ages past, across the North n' Western lands,
The Custodians roamed, unknown to most sands.
A tale in bedtime whispers, a myth so grand,
Mythological warriors, in legends they stand."

(Verse 2)
"Caorrani folks, in their beds they lay,
Dreaming of Custodians, so far away.
Dismissed as mere fables, their existence astray,
But in archaic scrolls, proof came to sway."

"In shadows they stride, their motto held tight,
*'In Darkness, ...


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