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Recent writings from player characters about in-game events, observations, or thoughts.

Siege Of Isenvad: The Sunwalker's Sacrifice

Written by Phaethonius Eternius Splendorus on 37-48-4 (June 1, 2023 13:28)

The Accounts of Phaethonius Eternius Splendorus- Siege of Isenvadium

Aeternum Solis blazed above, its radiant beams illuminating the battlefield as I stood, beholding the formidable walls of Isenvadium. The town stood defiant for days, a bastion of resistance against our forces. It held great significance, guarding the end of the Natunni River and granting immeasurable resources to those who controlled it. The outcome of our campaign hinged on this pivotal stronghold.

Beside me stood General Gordianus Clodianus Rhodosinus, a trusted companion,...


Sparring In Myra's Fight Pit

Written by Mæva Hrisariya on 36-50-6 (March 4, 2023 19:53)

Despite Sir Oslac of Dalwyk's increasingly open guard, more than one opportunity for a proper riposte was left behind. The air-slicing sound of his rigid spear descending onto the place she was but a fraction of a moment ago ended up with the echo in the small arena of a heavy thud, as it connected to the ground. But instead of a poke to the torso, another more defensible upward slash from her own bamboo-like bendy spear sought to strike him.

Her breath was somewhat ragged and her own movements wer...


Burdens Of A Grand Design

Written by Asran 'Luxferre' on 36-45-1 (February 24, 2023 05:25)

I strode purposefully through the towering halls of the Imperial Palace, my gaze fixed upon the opulence that surrounded me. The walls boasted intricate carvings, depicting legendary battles and the great rulers of bygone eras. The floors were made of polished marble, reflecting the splendor of the palace in dazzling patterns. And the ceilings soared so high, they appeared to brush against the very heavens themselves.

Yet, my mind was elsewhere. I awaited a missive from Empress Sharona, and t...


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