Realm History

Asran The Light-Bearer of Imperium Asraniae, has revived the realm, becoming its new ruler.
Vanished into history with no members remaining.
Tristan von Rivacheg has abdicated and handed control of the realm to Alaric von Rivacheg.
Edouard Bragantia has broken their oath of fealty to you to take another within the sovereignty in The Iron Reach.
Founded by Asran The Light-Bearer as a subrealm of Imperium Asraniae with rulership granted to Tristan von Rivacheg.

The Princedom of Cadia

Princedom of Cadia
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Princedom of Cadia is a part of Imperium Asraniae.

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Realm Description

Cadia, nestled in the heart of the foreboding Black Forest, functions as a bastion princedom characterized by an unwavering military ethos and a distinctive economic dependence on its expansive woodland.

Economy: The economic pulse of Cadia resonates with the rhythm of the Black Forest. Timber, exotic flora, and other forest-derived commodities constitute the lifeblood of Cadia's financial prosperity. The princedom has honed sustainable forestry practices, ensuring the perpetual abundance of this vital resource. Moreover, trade in forest-centric goods like rare herbs, mystical components, and enchanted wood bolsters Cadia's economic resilience.

Laws: Cadia's legal framework is stringent, mirroring the disciplined core of its martial culture. The laws prioritize the security and stability of the princedom. Punishments for transgressions against the state or its populace are severe, emphasizing the preservation of order and the safeguarding of borders. The legal code stands unwavering, reinforcing the paramountcy of duty and allegiance to Cadia.

Language: Gothic, a hybrid dialect evolving over centuries with influences from Caorrani, Asriam, and Rathgarian, stands as the official language of Cadia. Possessing a martial cadence, it reflects the militaristic values etched into Cadia's essence. Gothic transcends mere communication; it serves as a symbol of Cadia's identity, fostering unity among its people.

Culture: The Cadian Militarum, an imposing force, mandates all citizens to undergo a minimum four-year service. The Cadian Custodes, or "Cadian Guard," showcases highly skilled soldiers, with one in ten Cadians attaining this esteemed rank. Completing their term allows individuals to ascend to the Cadian Incursores, the elite "Cadian Legion," constituting the expeditionary and invasion force shielding Cadia from external threats. The Cadian Custodes and the Cadian Incursores embody the spirit of Cadia.

Cadia's social fabric revolves around a collective sense of duty and service. Citizenship is perceived as a privilege earned through military commitment, fostering a strong sense of camaraderie. Military training becomes a rite of passage, instilling discipline and loyalty from a tender age. The Cadian Custodes and the Cadian Incursores transcend being mere military units; they embody the indomitable spirit of Cadia.

The First Ones: All the First Ones are expected to serve in the Cadian Militarum as Astartes. The Astartes, elite commanders and warriors, are adept at the art of warfare. Serving as generals, commissaries, and frontline warriors, the Astartes assume pivotal roles in the Cadian Militarum's hierarchy, ensuring the strength and resilience of Cadia in the face of adversity.