Realm History

Helios of Sunspire has broken their oath of fealty to you and taken another inside The Ecclesia.
Declared war "The Triumvir Wars".
Founded by Asran 'Luxferre' as a subrealm of Kingdom of Asrania with rulership granted to Helia I.

Status Ecclesiasticus Solis Aeterni

The Ecclesia
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The Ecclesia is a sovereign realm.

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Realm Details

46 square leagues
First Ones

Realm Positions

Solar Ecclesiarch

"And the people rejoiced, for they had found a shepherd in the Prophet Dundarak, a chosen vessel of Aeternum Solis. As the radiant sun cast its divine light upon him, his words were like honey, sweetening their hearts with the wisdom of Caelum.

In reverence and awe, they declared, 'Behold, the Prophet, the faithful servant and messenger of God, shall ascend to the august position of Solar Ecclesiarch. He shall lead the Ecclesia with unwavering devotion, guiding the faithful in the ways of righteousness.'

For the Prophet Dundarak, as the first Solar Ecclesiarch, was entrusted with the sacred duty of shepherding the flock, tending to their spiritual needs, and upholding the holy teachings of Aeternum Solis. His words were a balm to their souls, his counsel a beacon of divine wisdom.

Let it be known, for all generations to come, that the Prophet Dundarak shall forever be remembered as the first Solar Ecclesiarch, a pillar of faith and a vessel of divine authority. Through him, the light of Aeternum Solis shone brightly upon the faithful, leading unto them salvation.

May we, the faithful, follow in the footsteps of the Prophet, and the successive Solar Ecclesiarchs, upholding their teachings and seeking solace in the light of the Eternal Sun. For in their wisdom, we find enlightenment, and in their guidance, we find salvation. Ad Solis Aeterni." - The Cyprian Revelations

The Solar Ecclesiarch, holds a position of utmost authority and reverence within the Ecclesia. As the highest-ranking member, they embody the divine connection between the faithful and the radiant presence of Aeternum Solis. The title of Solar Ecclesiarch, signifies their role as the ultimate representative and advocate for the teachings and will of Aeternum Solis.

With the power bestowed upon them, the Solar Ecclesiarch carries the responsibility of safeguarding sacred doctrines and upholding the spiritual unity of the faithful. They preside over the Ecclesia's highest councils and synods, guiding the direction of the Church and ensuring its adherence to the divine laws set forth by Aeternum Solis.

As the spiritual leader, the Solar Ecclesiarch possesses the authority to interpret sacred texts, pronounce dogma, and provide guidance on matters of faith and morality. They are the final arbiter in theological disputes, settling doctrinal debates and maintaining orthodoxy within the Ecclesia. The Solar Ecclesiarch's teachings and decisions carry immense weight, shaping the beliefs and practices of countless followers of Aeternum Solis.

Beyond their religious duties, the Solar Ecclesiarch also wields considerable political influence. They engage in diplomatic endeavors, forging alliances with other realms and negotiating with rulers on matters of mutual concern. Their voice carries weight in matters of governance and the protection of the faithful, ensuring that the followers of Aeternum Solis are treated justly and their rights are respected.

The Solar Ecclesiarch is not merely a figurehead but an active participant in the affairs of the Ecclesia and the wider world. Their wisdom, discernment, and unwavering devotion make them a beacon of divine authority, inspiring the faithful and guiding them on the path of righteousness. Their role as the Solar Ecclesiarch of the Eternal Sun is vital in maintaining the unity, strength, and spiritual enlightenment of the followers of Aeternum Solis.

Type of Position: Executive
Ecclesial Prefect

This role is customarily occupied by the leader of The Bright Custodians, a militarized and prestigious order upheld by The Ecclesia for the defense of the Solar Ecclesiarch. This designation formally acknowledges the possessor of this rank as the commander of the guard.

Type of Position: Military
Ecclesial Envoy

The Ecclesial Envoy is an esteemed position within the Ecclesia, serving as its diplomatic representatives to other realms.

The primary duty of the Ecclesial Envoy is to act as a vital link between the Ecclesia and other domains, whether they be neighboring kingdoms, distant lands, or foreign religious institutions. These envoys act as emissaries, ambassadors, and negotiators on behalf of the Ecclesia, advocating for its interests and maintaining positive relations with various entities.

Unlike traditional diplomatic representatives, the Ecclesial Envoys are not necessarily members of the Ecclesia's clergy. Instead, this role is open to nobility who are beholden to the Ecclesia.

Ecclesial Envoys are expected to adhere to strict codes of conduct and protocols, reflecting the esteemed nature of their position. They must display utmost respect and sensitivity towards the customs and beliefs of the realms they engage with. It is their responsibility to communicate the values and intentions of the Ecclesia accurately, fostering mutual understanding and trust.

Moreover, Ecclesial Envoys are entrusted with gathering intelligence and relevant information from the realms they visit. These insights are instrumental in helping the Ecclesia make informed decisions, ensuring the preservation and promotion of its interests and welfare.

Type of Position: Foreign affairs
Prince / Princess



Diplomatic Relations To Other Realms

Erstes Imperium Peace -
The Gambler's Coast Friend Friend
Kingdom of Asrania - Ally
Caorran Friend Friend
Western Triumvirate Ally Ally
Fairshore Friend -
Ascalon Peace Peace

Realm Description

"There is but one thread that binds all realms together. A singular deity, a solitary Saviour, a lone deliverer. Aeternum Solis is the harbinger of salvation for all of creation. Without his guiding light, we are naught but mere fodder in the jaws of Inanis." - Cardinal Celestina

The History of The Ecclesia

The history of the Status Ecclesiasticus Solis Aeterni traces its origins back to the days of the prophet Saint Dundarak and his original followers. However, it was initially a small group of clergy serving as advisors to various leaders, lacking its own sovereign entity. The idea of an Ecclesiastical state had always been contemplated, with plans for autonomy in the southern plains dating back to Year 11.

Various locations were considered for the Ecclesiastical state, including Antigonia and Portus Meridianus in the Province of Antigonia. The latter option would have made the Unrelenting Citadel its capital, as it was the first stronghold of the Asrian Crusaders. However, these plans were put on hold due to the need to repel the invasion by The Hawks and their Tel'Bẵs Luth allies, leading to the downfall of the The Neo Eternal Empire.

It was only 30 years later, with the Conversion of the Kingdom of Caorran to the faith of Aeternum Solis, that the plans for an Ecclesiastical state were revisited. The location for the state was a subject of much debate, ultimately settling on the Dove Bay Peninsula. However, in Year 38, Solar Ecclesiarch Helia I gained ownership of the Province of Antigonia during the Western Triumvirate conflict with Ascalon. The province, situated on the border of Ascalon, was abandoned by the Ascalonian regent Adrienne Lévesque in favor of consolidating her own fragile state.

Seizing this opportunity, Solar Ecclesiarch Helia I declared the establishment of the Ecclesiastical state within the Province of Antigonia. While emphasizing the historical significance of the occasion, she affirmed that the primary location for the Ecclesiastical state would still be the Dove Bay Peninsula. The Province of Antigonia, in turn, became church lands under the authority of the Solar Ecclesiarch and the Status Ecclesiasticus Solis Aeterni.

Trade Ports

  • Karam
  • Sunspire
  • List of Solar Ecclesiarchs

    Saint Dundarak Year 4 - 6

    Interregnum 6 - 36

    Helia I Year 36