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Recent Journal Entries

Recent writings from player characters about in-game events, observations, or thoughts.

Whispers Of Sand And Sun

Written by Ignatius Eternius Faracus on 38-47-4 (August 29, 2023 17:06)

Title: Whispers of Sand and Sun: A Treatise on the Asrian People and Their Bond with Deserts and Scrublands

Author: Ignatius Eternius Faracus


Amid the tumultuous winds and unyielding sandstorms, an intricate discourse unfolds amidst the arid expanses of deserts and scrublands. I, Ignatius Eternius Faracus, a devoted scholar of the Asrian heritage, hereby share my perceptive contemplations. Peer into the enigmatic realms that have eternally molded the spirits of our most august peopl...


The Western Senate

Written by Cailean I on 38-46-6 (August 28, 2023 18:05)

Dear Citizens of the Western Triumvirate,

In the wake of a new era, we gather to witness the birth of a transformed governance structure that shall guide our realm towards prosperity and unity. As the sun sets on the old ways, a fresh chapter unfolds with the advent of the Triumvirate Reformation. Through this missive, I endeavor to detail the monumental changes that shall shape the course of our realm henceforth.

The Senate: A Bastion of Unity

At the heart of this transformation lies the Senat...


Over And Across

Written by Estelmo Yáraldandur on 38-46-1 (August 27, 2023 08:59)

Voyage along the spine of the world was coming to an end. Four-masted schooner was cutting last miles of its naval journey, sliding gracefully past crumbled iceberg pieces, reminders of Northern Sea's indifference towards anything or anyone. Thick towers of Jorvik stood solemnly in the distance like grim pillars of the earth, watching, threatening with silent screams reaching towards leaden skies of the North. With last efforts the schooner docked and Estelmo could see deep and dark harbour wate...


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