Might & Fealty

Recent Journal Entries

Recent writings from player characters about in-game events, observations, or thoughts.

A Full Day Of Entrapment

Written by Helgi of the Veiðale on 39-9-6 (October 2, 2023 21:21)

As the sun rose, bright, golden and orange, the darkest of news was brought by the sentinels: a large enemy army had surrounded the Veiðale warband, outnumbering them three-to-one. Helgi of the Veiðale stood shocked in disbelief for a moment. Yesterday they had camped by an enemy-occupied settlement, ready to surprise its garrison and take it in the morning, yet none of their scouts had reported anything amiss. Were they hiding inside, like a worm in an apple? It had been a masterful move that had caught t...


Awakening The Stone Gate

Written by Elric the Relentless on 39-9-4 (October 2, 2023 10:46)

The last lowlanders were being hunt down in the halls of the inner castle as Elric and a detail of knights delved into the bowels of the fortress, not wandering but purposefully reaching a specific room in the very depts of it.

*Once the door was opened, they were met by a loose mountain of furniture and cluttered stuff, apparently the lowlanders had used the empty space as a deposit of sort for stuff they deemed not worthy pillaging or keeping around, but not useless enough to be just thro...


A Blade Unbroken

Written by Adrienne Lévesque on 39-4-5 (September 24, 2023 18:23)

The temperate coastal forests of Fairshore were pleasant enough this time of year. Little rain made the roads more than sufficient, even in the thicker northern forests.

..yet the regent did not sail here for pleasantries. Notices were given to the local lords as her comitatus passed through, some gifts and kind words exchanged to the friendlier ones. A crate of wine left at Riverhall for the enjoyment of its lord. The goal was not here.

It was a march to Talon’s Reach. A march for just...


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