Might & Fealty

Recent Journal Entries

Recent writings from player characters about in-game events, observations, or thoughts.

Recovered Writings Of Saint Cyprianus

Written by Rhiannon Cousland on 42-3-6 (June 23, 2024 11:00)

12th of the Ninenth Moon, Year 3 – The Follower’s Loss

I, Cyprianus, a humble servant of Dundarak, do bear witness to his final moments. Verily, he oft spake of a vision — of the Apotheon and the ultimate battle against Inanis. His words were filled with a clarity and conviction that could only come from the Divine. And as he drew his last breath, he did entrust unto me his writings and his message. Dundarak hath passed into the light of Aeternum Solis, yet his legacy shall endure. The ...


Prophet Dundarak's Recovered Writings

Written by Rhiannon Cousland on 42-3-6 (June 23, 2024 10:34)

2nd of the First Moon, Year 1 – The Awakening

And it came to pass, that the Elders of the village knew not what befell upon us two days hence. For fire and destruction did ravage the lands, and bright lights did illuminate the sky of night. Houses were laid waste, and the crops were lost, and a grievous feeling did take hold within my very bones, as though something precious was lost unto the world. Lo, I had a dream in the past night, calling me forth to journey Northward. The meaning ...


The Fate And The Song Of Óþyrmir

Written by Ryst Vibak on 41-51-2 (June 4, 2024 06:40)

News quickly spread from the Ardaling Tribes, across Rathgar proper and other Rathgari states that Óþyrmir had fallen in a last stand at Hunter’s Hold. The Ardalings speak of Óþyrmir as a hero, and the Asirians as deceitful invaders, causing a shift of opinions in Rathgar. With the news, the 'Song of Óþyrmir' spreads further into Rathgar.

Upon the walls of Hunter's Hold,
Upon the walls of Hunter's Hold,
Óþyrmir stood so bold,

Pick up sword and shield,
Pick up sword and shield,...


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