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Saint Lachlann And The Raetia Campaign

Written by Rhiannon Cousland on 41-39-3 (May 17, 2024 12:44)

Since the foundation of the Caorrani Duchy under the Republic in the early days of the 33rd year by Eoghan I, who later became our inaugural King, the independent state of the Knights Raetia plagued the region as an infamous ally of the Empire of Hawks. This alliance instilled fear in the populace, as they worried that Hawkian soldiers might one day arrive at the Raetia's docks and invade the West.

The exact timeline of Raetia's acquisition of their few Western holdings and their subsequent independence is unclear. However, it is known that they were established around the 7th year as a vassal state of the highly militaristic and expansionist Empire of Hawks.

Despite numerous plans by Caorrani nobles and generals to invade the Raetia, these plans were always thwarted by the protection Raetia received from the Hawkian Emperor.

Following the mass conversion of Caorran to the Aeternum Solis by King Cailean the Undying in the 37th year and the establishment of The Ecclesia as a sovereign realm in the 38th year, a great miracle occurred. The entire nobility of Hawks succumbed to a slumber that same year, which was seen as an act of the Eternal God to strengthen the holy realm. The Knights of Raetia were not spared and also fell to this slumberblight.

Under the command of Solar Ecclesiarch Helia I, the Holy Order of The Bright Custodians, led by King Cailean's brother, First Custodian Lachlann Cousland, finally launched the long-desired invasion of the Knights Raetia on 38-16-5. Lachlann's grandson, Rowan Cousland, successfully took control of Skyleag with the help of Caorrani soldiers from Gallaran and Custodian Knights. This victory came to be known as the starting point of the Raetia Campaign.

In the following weeks, Raetian settlements continued to fall to the First Custodian and his grandson as they advanced from town to town.

After achieving victory in the sieges of Nantator, Reynir, and Skyleag, only Eatharigh and Naxos remained of Raetia's lands. Unfortunately, First Custodian Lachlann was fatally wounded during the initial assault against Eatharigh's walls on 38-19-3. His grandson Rowan then assumed the title of First Custodian and successfully conquered the remaining two settlements.

For their bravery, the Custodians were awarded with their own subrealm under The Ecclesia on 38-24-2. The town of Skyleag was given to Caorran for their assistance in the Raetia Campaign, and the remaining settlements were placed under the protection of First Custodian Rowan.

In recognition of his contributions to the Aeternum Solis, including the reformation and conversion of the Custodians to the Church, and his dedication to safeguarding the faithful and expanding the influence of The Ecclesia, First Custodian Lachlann was canonized by the Solar Ecclesiarch as Saint Lachlann the Guardian. His leadership was pivotal to the success of the Holy Order, particularly during the Raetia Campaign, where Custodian casualties were minimal due to his selflessness and commitment to the well-being of his fellow soldiers, ultimately falling in battle in their stead.

According to Solar Ecclesiarch Helia I, "Lachlann possessed a unique ability to inspire and convert individuals to the cause of Aeternum Solis and the Custodians. In a courageous attempt to defend his soldiers against the Faith's enemies, he fell in battle, guaranteeing victory against Raetia, as the Custodians rallied around his body and pushed forward as never seen before."

In artistic representations, Saint Lachlann is often depicted as an older Caorrani man in Custodian armor, bearing a raised shield as a symbol of his commitment to protecting others. Other portrayals show him fallen on the ground, surrounded by loyal countrymen who continue to defend his body. These depictions emphasize the sacrifice and courage he displayed during the Raetia Campaign, and how he inspired others to be their better selves in the name of the Eternal God.

Because of his sacrifice, Lachlann was unable to witness the realization of his only dream — the Holy Order being rewarded with lands under the Solar Ecclesiarch. Nevertheless, his legacy lives on and he shall be forever remembered as the first Caorrani Saint of the Solisian Church.

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