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The Caorrani Cuisine

Written by Aldous Fletcher on 41-37-3 (May 14, 2024 17:55)

People from Caorran, in my humble opinion, eat exceptionally well, from the common folk to the Royal Family. While our feasting tables may not boast the extravagance of those found in Asraniae, Fairshore or Ascalon, the quality and flavor of our food are unparalleled.

Fish is abundant along our expansive coastline and in the rivers that flow through our woodlands.

  • The beloved Honeyed Salmon graces the tables of most households and is a favorite among Caorrani noblemen, including King Aodhàn the Unbound. Simply coating fresh salmon fillets with honey, and perhaps a touch of salt or herbs, then cooking them in a hearth, yields a marvelous dish.

  • Folks near Tivosalt also savor a unique treat: Saltwood Smoked Fish. Locals ingeniously infuse nearby forest wood with a distinctive flavor by combining it with the abundant salt from their region. When this specially treated wood is used to smoke the daily catch of fish, it imparts an exclusive taste found nowhere else.

Oats are a staple in the everyday culinary life of the Caorrani people, thriving in our harsher weather conditions. Peasants commonly enjoy oat porridge, oatcakes, and oat bread.

  • A traditional Caorrani breakfast staple, the Oat Porridge, made from oats and served with milk or, for the wealthier, with butter, is commonly found on people's tables in the mornings.

  • The humble Herbed Oat Bread, though simple, graces every household. Infused with a selection of herbs, it offers a unique flavor depending on the herb choice, and pairs perfectly with soups and porridges.

With abundant woodlands and forests, game meat is plentiful, complemented by wild berries and mushrooms.

  • The Roasted Rabbit is a common dish in many homes, as peasants are permitted to hunt for its meat. Simply hunt, skin, salt, and cook the rabbit over an open flame.

  • For chilly winter days, a Mushroom Soup with Wildfowl is a delight. Wildfowl, such as ducks and geese, are commonly found in forested areas near rivers or the coastline. In their absence, smaller game like pigeons or songbirds will suffice.

  • The Caorrani Nobility revels in hunted boars and deer at feasts and royal gatherings, often hunted by the noblemen themselves. The Herbed Roasted Boar is a favorite of Baron Murchadh Màgach, one of the Kingdom's most adept hunters.

  • Also reserved for nobility, the Roasted Pheasant is a dish commonly found in feasts. The whole pheasant is salted and then roasted in the hearth. After cooking, it is carved into serving plates, garnished with herbs and eaten with bread.

Root vegetables, such as potatoes, turnips and carrots, grown in small plots near peasant homes, are also prominent in the Caorrani diet, often boiled, mashed, or added to stews.

  • On cold nights, a Carrot Stew warms both the local populace and travelers alike. Often accompanied by bread, many Caorrani enhance it with whatever meat is at hand, such as fish or game birds.

  • Mashed Potatoes, delightful and creamy, typically incorporate milk and butter if affordable, otherwise prepared with water and salt. Its texture melts in the mouth.

Ale and wine are prevalent throughout the lands, though common folk often opt for water most days.

  • The unique wine of the Kingdom, produced exclusively in the County of Suath from fine grapes, is a treasure. The The Wine Baron, a renowned Caorrani winery and inn, is an ideal stop for weary travelers seeking rest and fine dining. Don't miss the opportunity to sample the Baron's Wine when in the region.

  • Similarly, Caorrani Ale is a fruity, robust brew, made from malted barley, water, hops, and yeast, sometimes adding honey for extra flavor. Easily crafted with simple equipment, it graces every tavern and is even brewed by some common folk at home.

Finally, for the sweet end of any feast, the Caorrani boasts many desserts, such as fruits, nuts, spices, and honey.

  • The Almond Custard is a delicacy crafted from eggs, cream, sugar, and almonds imported from distant lands, is a treat savored by the affluent. Typically baked in individual molds, it's elegantly presented, often adorned with candied fruits or a drizzle of honey.

  • Exclusively enjoyed by the nobility, Honeyed Hazelnuts are a luxurious indulgence. Also imported from distant shores, hazelnuts are meticulously coated in honey and spices, then roasted to a golden crisp, offering a symphony of flavors and textures.

  • Among the common populace, the Apple Tart reigns supreme. A humble yet delightful dessert, it features a luscious filling of minced apples and aromatic spices, sweetened with honey, and encased in a flaky pastry crust. This rustic pie-like treat is a beloved favorite for all to enjoy.

Therefore, I highly recommend visiting Caorran, if only to savor our exceptional cuisine and experience true culinary delight.

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