The Triumvir Wars

Harken, ye stalwart sons and daughters of the Sun's embrace,

A grave transgression has been wrought upon our sacred dominion. Triumvir Sharona Arbuckle, driven by her misguided ambitions, has dared to lay siege to the hallowed walls of Naxos, heedlessly trampling upon the sovereignty of our Ecclesia. This affront shall not be suffered in silence, for we are bound by the righteous duty to shield our holy lands from the shadow of this Apostate.

With unwavering resolve, we summon all those who bear the indomitable spirit of the Sun within their hearts. Let each faithful Scion arise like flames in the dawn, as a testament to their unwavering loyalty to our divine cause. In unison, let us cast forth the darkness that has befallen our lands and seize back what is rightfully ours.

In the name of his radiance in caelum, we declare that the mantle of excommunication shall fall upon Sharona Arbuckle, forever stripping her of the solace of our Church's embrace. Her treacherous designs shall be unveiled before the faithful, as she stands to face the reckoning that awaits her. Let it be known, to the very heavens above, that the Ecclesia seeks naught but the return of our lands and the expurgation of the usurper, Sharona Arbuckle, from the coveted post of Triumvir of the western realm.

Thus, a just and faithful successor shall take up the mantle, one who enshrines our devotion to the radiant lord in Caelum. As the dawn follows the night, so shall this triumphant heir emerge to mend the fractures inflicted upon our dominion.

For Sharona Arbuckle, who has cast aside the tenets of our revered faith, a fate most befitting awaits. She shall be ensnared by the chains of captivity, her every deed subjected to the scrutiny of the faithful. And should the embrace of death claim her, her progeny shall be held as a living testament to her misdeeds, ensconced within our custody.

In the lumination of His divine light, we shall emerge victorious. Ad Aeternum Solem!

score: 0
Primary Attacker:
The Ecclesia
Other Attackers:
Thapsos Hemolia Kea-Crain Imperium Asraniae contested
Lucullia Erudhir Dorner Weiden never attacked
Aventinum Phaethonius Aeternus Splendorus The North Sea Baronies never attacked
Lucusterra Erudhir Dorner Weiden never attacked
Naxos Eileen Mac Mairtain The Bright Custodians never attacked
Dachaigh Ùr Bryce Bardach-Quelius The Iron Reach never attacked
Follycht Bryce Bardach-Quelius The Iron Reach never attacked
Dìlleachailb Bryce Bardach-Quelius The Iron Reach never attacked

The war has been declared.