Realm History

Vanished into history with no members remaining.
Rulership disputed after the death of Viridius Clodianus Gwyneddicus, who left no heir.
Zoranus Kassandreius Arx has abdicated and handed control of the realm to Viridius Clodianus Gwyneddicus.
Viridius Clodianus Gwyneddicus has abdicated and handed control of the realm to Zoranus Kassandreius Arx.
Solange Kassandreia Arxia has abdicated and handed control of the realm to Viridius Clodianus Gwyneddicus.
Radiantia Eternia Caestria has abdicated and handed control of the realm to Solange Kassandreia Arxia.
Ignatius Aeternus Faracus has broken their oath of fealty to you to take another within the sovereignty in Asraniae.
Founded by Asran The Light-Bearer as a subrealm of Asraniae with rulership granted to Radiantia Eternia Caestria.


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Natunnos is a part of Asraniae and both are parts of Imperium Asraniae.

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Realm Description

The Province of Natunnos is a region located within the Asrian-controlled portion of the Black Forest. It encompasses a collection of towns and cities, with its capital city being Amrothum. The province takes its name from the Natunni River, which acts as a natural border between the Black Forest and the lowlands, symbolizing the traditional boundary beyond which the province extends.

Since the fall of the Duchy of Katanwald, Natunnos has been enlarged to include its territories, expanding the border towards the northern sea.

Geographically, the Province of Natunnos is characterized by its dense forests, providing ample hunting grounds and a thriving lumber industry.

The province boasts several significant landmarks, many of which are religious in nature. Following the arrival of Asrian explorers in the region, numerous cathedrals were constructed, in an effort to convert the various Lowlander inhabitants. Some notable cities in the province include Amrothum, Damaetia, and Trasanaxa, each with its own distinct character and historical significance.

The history of the Province of Natunnos is marked by a tumultuous period of conflict and conquest. From the initial Crusade of the Duchy of Falconreach to the subsequent invasion of Clan Gwynedd by General Viridius, the Asrian presence in the region has been accompanied by bloodshed and warfare. The Asrians, however, eventually halted their eastward march to consolidate their control over the territory, ensuring stability and suppressing rebellions among the native Northman inhabitants and former loyalists of Clan Gwynedd.

Religiously, the predominant faith in the Province of Natunnos is Aeternum Solis, with the various religions of the Lowlands serving as secondary belief systems. Over time, the Asrian invaders have made the Black Forest their home, with continuous settlement efforts directed from the western desolate wastelands towards the more prosperous region of Natunnos. This rampant assimilation has contributed to the local inhabitants fleeing eastward into the lowlands proper.

Currently, the Provincial Governor of Natunnos is Viridius Clodianus Gwyneddicus, who oversees the administration and governance of the region.

Former Governors

  • Solange Kassandreia Arxia