Realm History

Gordianus Clodianus Rhodosinus has abdicated without a successor.
Ignatius Aeternus Faracus has abdicated and handed control of the realm to Gordianus Clodianus Rhodosinus.
Founded by Asran The Light-Bearer as a subrealm of Asraniae with rulership granted to Ignatius Aeternus Faracus.

Provincia Farakium

Provincia Farakium
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Provincia Farakium is a part of Asraniae and both are parts of Imperium Asraniae.

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Realm Description

The region known as Farakium existed as a realm marked by corruption and turmoil. Despite being recently annexed by the Kingdom of Asrania, it retained its dubious distinction as one of the most disorderly provinces within the kingdom. Trade conflicts and piracy relentlessly plagued its shores.

Farak, the principal town and a thriving center of commerce, housed the ruling nobility engaged in fierce competition with counterparts in neighboring Cherthala and Arcosii. These trade-centric municipalities, locked in rivalry for dominance, were also besieged by the ever-present threat of piracy.

Hevas, the port town, provided temporary sanctuary for merchants before embarking on trade ventures to distant lands. Despite the relative safety behind its walls, the specter of marauding pirates lingered.

The Legion soldiers, strategically positioned along the roadways, were tasked with upholding order and quelling the remnants of anarchic Barbarians left behind by the Blood Priest. Nevertheless, the province's atmosphere of lawlessness and corruption persisted, rendering it one of the kingdom's most perilous and unstable regions.

Despite these adversities, the denizens of Farakium persisted in their pursuit of survival and prosperity, driven by unyielding ambition and avarice. They paid homage to the Kingdom of Asrania, though their loyalty remained fragile due to incessant power struggles and conflicts that threatened to disrupt the precarious balance of power.

The dissolution of the Province of Farakium was formalized through the Imperial Partition Decree of Year 39, which relinquished Asrania's western holdings to the realms of Alauna and Néankhar. By that juncture, the province was already in decline, having been purchased by returning Asrian and Caorrani Soldiers from the Triumvir Wars in the Lowlands. The final ruler of the province, Gordianus Clodianus Rhodosinus, abdicated on the year 39, week 36, day 3.