One of the first extra-realm political units of Might & Fealty you might encounter is the house, which is a collection of First Ones united under their Head of the House.

Unlike other extra-realm polities, Houses are regarded as particular worthy of note, with the leadership of Realms displaying the houses of their Playing a rulers on realm pages, and Settlements listing all locally established houses when visited.

Houses are also unique in that they have quite strict rules on inheritance, that ensure the leadership of the House never passes too far away from itself.

A final point to note, before going into how inheritance works, is that Houses can support a Superior/Cadet relationship between themselves, with one House becoming subservient to another.

Creating a House

Houses can be formalized by any First One that is not currently in a House by owning a Place of Interest of the "Home" type and being within it.

Once those requirements are met, they'll see an option on any of the politics menus (except relations) titled "Formalize Your House".

Similarly, any member of a House can petition the Head of their House to allow them to create a Cadet House. If this is accepted, they'll also be able to create a House when the regular conditions are met.

Precedence of Inheritance

First and foremost, all Heads of House have the right to declare a special Successor to their House. This Successor is declared separately from their own regular Heir as the rules are stricter on who may inherit.

If for some reason the declared Successor isn't a legal inheritor, which we'll cover momentarily, then the House may pass to the regular Heir of the character.

Lastly, should that heir also not be a legal inheritor, the House will pass to the oldest member within the House.

If for some reason, there's no one left in the House, it will fall to the pages of history.

Rules of Ineritance

In all situations, the inheritor being reviewed must:

For Successors, they must also be:

For Heirs, they must also be:

By this, immediate relative is assumed to be any direct parent, sibling, or child of the character in question.

At this time, inheritance by an heir is the only way for one house to end up a Cadet of another, with the Superior house counting all direct and indirect (those in cadet houses) members as it's own.

Future Additions

House are a relatively new feature in Might & Fealty, and are not yet considered complete at this time. As such, the following features are officially planned:

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