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Journals are player created messages about things in game. Most of the time these can be considered to be known things, as somethig your character heard via rumor, though they can also be flagged as out of character information that is really only meant for your enjoyment as a player rather than for use by your characters (unless they happen to know of it some other way.)

Birth Of A Kingdom

Written by Mephala naug'Beals on 33-32-1 (April 18, 2022 17:36)

Fremen of Zarmian clanlands,

coming down from freezing fells of Alnajaf, dwelling in reaches of Black Lake, vastness of Jules Hollow or in the mighty Martana valley, hear me out!

I come before you a with a heavy heart but also with pride, for today Nargâ-Zâram splits its path shared with Exiles and strikes upon the ways of its own fate. Today, Nargâ-Zâram, Kingdom of Black Lake is born!

Heralds' decision was a demanding one, for all the kin, marriage and trade we have between our people, but we now exercise our right to govern ourselves, for better or for worse. Fear not, we will abide to good relations with both our neighbours, Exiles and Lowlands. Trading arrangements shall be honoured, as well as passing rights, while all forms of military support shall be subject to debate as usually.

But make no mistake, any and all aggression towards our realm shall be met with spear.

Flock one, flock all under the black banner, for our kingdom comes to life.

Mephala naug'Beals, Duchess of Id-'ân-'unmên Princess of Nargâ-Zâram

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