Exploratory Conflict in Armokian Defense

An exploratory conflict has been declared in defense of the Children of Armok - in the interests of preserving peace in the west, and safeguarding against foreign invasion by the Eastern Powers. All captured regions will be divined among the neighboring realms, save one - allowing for the establishment of a northern bastion of the Black Order: a center of operations from which we shall oversee the continuity of order amidst the chaotic upheaval of Western re-settlement. The Black Legions of the Archonian Dominate, Arrakesh, Ascalon, and other realms need not join - though they will surely be welcomed.

score: 0
Primary Attacker:
Black Order of the Western Reach
Dun Gradogh Maddock Pritchett Knights Raetia never attacked
Igelban Hurdy Montblanc Western Confederation never attacked
Eborum Hurdy Montblanc Western Confederation never attacked
Venddalag Eliwood Pherae Western Confederation never attacked
Aggersborg Sharona Arbuckle Nothramjir defended

The war has been declared.