War of the Broken Thread

Logan Tarquinian accused us of supporting the Civil War, going so far as to attack our settlements to deny such imaginary support. Well if their is such desire for our forces to join this battle, who are we do deny them.

Irondale shall feel our wrath first, simple because it is conveniently located to our troops.

score: 0
Primary Attacker:
Provincia Dacia
Xynnar Orion Toles Ironhill never attacked
Asignan Ludwig Fischer Ironhill never attacked
Dumabag Aelianus Agrippa Hawks never attacked
Fiach Din Emei Xion Erstes Imperium never attacked
Atlas Carl Seriss Seriss never attacked
Cthonia Emei Xion Erstes Imperium never attacked
Praedium Novae Herius Aulus Colonia Antica never attacked
Sartown Theon Park Ironhill never attacked
Smoke Mountain Emei Xion never attacked
Tellerium Carl Seriss Seriss never attacked
Tor Ben Hans Achter Ironhill never attacked
Hawks Valley Aelianus Agrippa Hawks contested
Dragon Rest Orion Toles Ironhill contested
Warchief Keep Ludwig Fischer Ironhill contested
Mossmoor Hans Achter Ironhill contested
Cardenidia Kareena Seriss Seriss contested

Attack on Cardenidia started.
Attack on Hawks Valley started.
Attack on Tellerium started.
Attack on Tellerium started.
The war has been declared.