Arrivals System

Arrivals is the mechanic that lets you allow new players or characters to join your House or Realm.

In order for you to allow arrivals, you need to satisfy several requirements:

  1. Have a Place of Interest that is of the types: Castle, Capital, Plaza, Port, Blacksmith, or Home
  2. That Place of Interest must be configured to be part of the realm or house you want arrivals in. Houses will use the Home type and they must be located in that house (House details will list it as it's Home), while Realms use the other types (realm association is changeable via "Manage Details").
  3. The Place must "Enable Arrival of New Characters Here".
  4. The place must have a set "Spawn Description".
  5. The realm or house must have their own "Arrival Description" (realms) or "Intro Message" (houses) set.
  6. The realm or house must have spawning enabled. For Houses this is the "Toggle Spawning" button in the politics menu, while for realms it is set via the "Manage Arrival Locations" menu.

On the list of local places of interest you can interact with, if you're the owner of the Place you'll see a message just above the actions list that details what is or isn't complete for allowing arrivals.

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