Declaring the Independence of Dubh Dún in Oirthear

As Clan Leader of Dubh Dún in Oirthear I declare our lands sovereign and independent of House Pike and the Empire of Rathgar.

We claim for ourselves the land eastward from the Martana at Vasterheide to the forests of Nether Trades and by sacred and inviolable divine right we will govern ourselves as free men and women to the breaking of our spears, the shattering of our shields, and the spilling of every last drop of our immortal blood.

score: 0
Primary Attacker:
Dubh Dún in Oirthear
Jorrina Jóra Mirya Mirharg never attacked
Vasterheide Jóra Mirya Mirharg contested
Ascot Bahana d'Kailmamont Clanlands d'Serrai contested

Attack on Vasterheide started.
Attack on Vasterheide started.
Attack on Vasterheide started.
Attack on Vasterheide started.
The war has been declared.