Realm History

Iagan Cousland has died and thus left the office of Constable of the Grey.
Eilidh Cousland has fallen to slumberblight and thus left the office of Custodian-Commander.
Eilidh Cousland has fallen to slumberblight and thus left the office of Bannerman.
Founded by Cailean I as a subrealm of Gallaran with rulership granted to Lachlann Cousland.

Barony of the Caorrani Chapter of Grey Custodians

The Caorrani Custodians
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The Caorrani Custodians is a part of Gallaran and both are parts of Western Confederation.

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3.6 square leagues
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Realm Positions


Bannermen are secular estate holders expected to provide their military strength to their liege. They command their own troops in battle, as well as their vassals', under the guidance of the Constables of the Grey, serving as lieutenants of the main army of the Chapter.

  • Nobody

Type of Position: Military
Grey Custodian

Generally just called a Custodian, these are the rank-and-file members of the Order who have survived the joining training.

Type of Position: Military
Constable of the Grey

Senior members that have the ability to pass judgement to Grey Custodians, acting as the second-in-command to the Commanders. They also serve as ambassadors, lieutenant-generals of the Order and teachers to the recruits.

Type of Position: Military

A Custodian-Commander is a national leader of Grey Custodians, head of the local chapter. They stand just a few steps below the First Custodian, leader of all the Order.

Although the First Custodian is the leader of the entire organization, each nation's chapters are for the most part autonomous; the Commanders are free to act as they see fit, as long as they keep to the Order's ideals and beliefs of the Aeternum Solis.

Should a Chapter of the Order acquire lands, the Custodian-Commander will serve as its ruler.

Type of Position: Executive
Baron / Baroness

This is the rulership position for the realm. It is held by the Caorrani Custodian-Commander.


Diplomatic Relations To Other Realms

Realm Description

"In Darkness, Light. In Falsehood, Truth. In Tyranny, Justice." - Grey Custodian Motto

The Barony of the Caorrani Chapter of Grey Custodians is located within Caorran's Western coast. It is a secular Barony ruled by a Chapter of The Grey Custodians under the Caorrani Custodian-Commander.

Their headquarters is at the Fortress of Cùirt Cheartais, also known as the Custodian's Keep.

The Custodians are a Holy Order of the Aeternum Solis Faith, serving as the Honor Guard for the Ecclesia, and answering directly to the Solar Ecclesiarch.

Furthermore, they are entrusted with safeguarding all its faithful followers, so the Custodians also protects pilgrims on their way to the Holy City of Dutalion, and hunt ancient relics and tomes for their library, a place where members can spend hours studying and researching, considered to be one of the most important assets of the Order.

Custodian's Chapters are considered vassals of their local realm, and owe their loyalty to their secular suzerain, pledged to defend his or her lands as any other regular vassal would. The Custodians are strictly forbidden to rebel or fight against their lieges, the only exception being in cases of heresy.

While the Commander answers directly to the First Custodian, the Caorrani Cardinal is always welcome to advise their local Chapter, commonly serving as the bridge between the Faith, the Order and the Caorrani Crown.

On 37-37-5, after proclaiming the Aeternum Solis as the Official Faith of the Kingdom, King Cailean I has enacted the "Tax Exemption for the Grey Custodians' Caorrani Chapter Act", which recognizes the Custodians as a Holy Order operating under Caorran and grants them exemption from any and all taxes, outlined below:

Be it enacted by the will of King Cailean I, the 'Tax Exemption for the Grey Custodians' Caorrani Chapter Act':

Section 1. Purpose and Scope.

This Act aims to grant a tax exemption to the County of the Caorrani Chapter of Grey Custodians, under the Duchy of Gallaran, also known simply as the Caorrani Custodians, as a recognized Holy Order of the Official Faith operating within the Kingdom of Caorran.

Section 2. Tax Exemption.

The Caorrani Custodians shall be exempt from all applicable taxes, including but not limited to income tax, property tax, resources tax, as outlined in the Laws of the Kingdom, as well as from any and all applicable taxes outlined in the Laws of the Duchy of Gallaran.

Section 3. Requirements.

To qualify for the tax exemption granted under this Act, the Grey Custodians' Caorrani Chapter shall: a) Maintain its recognized status as a Holy Order under the Ecclesia of the Aeternum Solis. b) Abide by the regulations and standards set forth by the Kingdom of Caorran governing Holy Orders. c) Engage solely in activities that align with its religious, charitable, and benevolent purposes. d) Not collaborate with or provide support, directly or indirectly, to the enemies of the Crown, or engage in any activities that threaten the security, stability or well-being of the realm and its citizens. e) Comply with any lawful request or call to arms by the Kingdom's authorities in the event of an invasion or war that poses a direct threat to the realm.

Section 4. Effective Date.

This law shall take effect immediately upon its enactment, and may be revoked by the Crown in the event of non-compliance with the requirements stipulated in Section 3.

Signed by the King of Caorran, Cailean I, on this day of 37-37-5.