Skills represent your characters ability to perform a particular task in comparison to other First Ones. At this time, only weapon skills have been added to the game. In the future, this will be expanded to include both other combat skills as well as several non-combat skills.

When a skill is checked the game will also check the other skills in that category for a modified composite score, to see a character's knowledge with a similar weapon offers them a better advantage than the weapon's own skill score.

Skills can be both learned through experience and learned through schooling. In game these are referred to as Practice and Theory. This is similar to how you might know how to do something and how you might do something by muscle memory or reflex.

Practice is better than Theory, but as with checking similar skills, the game will also factor in if your knowledge of how to do something is greater than your practice in doing it.

Weapon Skills

These skills reflect a character's ability to wield a particular weapon set and are earned through combat. They are organized into categories as listed below. Some of these reflect weapons that aren't implemented yet or won't be implemented as regular weapons.