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The High King's Retreat

Written by Vanessa Calinus on 33-35-4 (April 28, 2022 17:40)

Of the Fading Isles, there are many places that are old, many places where history is hidden in the trees or under the streets, but few places where one feels out of place. The High King's Retreat, I would argue, is one of those places.

It feels both of the old, pre-cataclysm ruins, and also as if my presence here is... Incorrect, is probably the best word.

Not unwelcome or even antagonistic, is this feeling, just incorrect. Perhaps it would be worse if I was not in possession of the High King's Crown, or if I was not of one of the old lineages of the Isles themselves, I cannot say.

Feelings aside, there have been many things here I have come across here that I do not recall learning about in the libraries of Iungard, most of which I would take with me if I did not feel that the isle would be against that even moreso than it seems to disagree with my presence.

That begs the question though, was High King Jason Lasar also a mage, as my father was? I find nothing here resembling Iunan magic, but that could simply mean I am not supposed to recognize it.

I have spent too much time here as it is, though, so further investigation shall have to come later.

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