Test Instance

Both for our internal testing and to make it easier to reproduce any problems, there is a publicly accessible test instance.

Some information, such as accounts, characters, and realms, are copied from the live game on occasion, in order to enable player access as no accounts can be fully created on the test server, but it does not include building or soldier information.

To access the Test Server, please follow this link:

Test Instance

Test Reset

The Test Server will be reset, as needed by the developers, in order to duplicate problems for eventual resolution or in order to update the database to account for new, untested code.

So don't count on any changes you make to persist. If you are trying to reproduce a problem, always note all the steps towards as well.


Turns may or may not be running on the Test Server, regardless of what the footer on it says, and they may or may not be at the times listed in the footer if they are. They may be running faster in order to allow us to better test something that would otherwise take days or weeks, or they may be running slower or not at all in order to let us more thoroughly examine something.