Other Roles

There are many other roles in the game that a character can take.

Realm Positions

Some of these additional roles are defined within Realms as additional manual.positions. Almost every authority of the ruler can be delegated to one or more other roles, allowing for virtually any imaginable government system to be defined as a selection of positions.

In addition to the roles defined by game-mechanics, many realms also define representative or other roles that are defined by their description and social position. Examples are arbiters who mediate conflicts within the realm, or advisor positions who deliberate on diplomacy or warfare.

Settlement Positions

Other roles are defined by players using the Permission system, which could lead to positions such as a master-builder who has permission to oversee construction in several settlements who prefer to have someone else handle this matter.

Free-Form Positions

And some roles emerge through gameplay. There are many opportunities like research of old documents, translation or communication services or even mercenary offers. The options are endless and players continuously come up with more.