War of Extermination

King Kazuo Ishida Kye,

You are wrong about what the House of Order can or cannot do. You were given everything under the blue sky of the Imperium, with the caveat that all your lands are property of the Imperium- not yours. Caspian Flambard agreed to these terms when the Imperator gave him a Duchy, an unheard of gesture. This means that your rebellion is not righteous, and that you are a traitor. And in the same Imperial Codex of Laws it defines the punishment for rebels and traitors: Extermination. The Imperium does not tolerate traitors, nor will it show weakness to it's neighbors by allowing this secession, thus sending a message that Imperial property is free to grab for anyone with the desire to do so.

All the vassals and aides of "Greater" Ryne are hereby charged with treason; On this day the Imperial Court laid the sentence of death upon all, with no exceptions. While the House of Order takes no pleasure in the slaughter that is to come, it does so to make an example of you for all future generations and vassals to come. The Law is the Law, and Order shall be maintained.

Signed, Shadow of the First

score: 0
Primary Attacker:
House of Order
Rivercrest Varchilde Primis Esotericus Erstes Imperium contested

The war has been declared.