Realm History

A new law on Mininum Days Required in Realm to Vote has been put in place.
A new law on Realm Membership for Places has been put in place.
A new law on Grant Claims Against Slumbering Settlements has been put in place.
A new law on Place Inheritance has been put in place.
A new law on Settlement Inheritance has been put in place.
A new law on Realm Access to Slumbering Estates has been put in place.
Rulership passed to Albertiano Rochalva upon the slumbering of Kolfinna Kolfiniya
Founded by Finnvarðr Fariya as a subrealm of Rathgarian Confederation with rulership granted to Kolfinna Kolfiniya.

Lurian County of Beluna

Official Language
Lurian and Belunese

Beluna ist Teil von Pian und beide gehören zu Luria.

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Realm Details

15 Quadratlandesmeilen
First Ones

Realm Positions


The Belunese Infante is the Heir Apparent, a title that designates the individual with an undisputed right to inherit the rulership of the County.

Type of Position: Family
Graf / Gräfin

This is the rulership position for the realm. His word is law.


Diplomatic Relations To Other Realms

Erstes Imperium Ally Ally

Realm Description

Beluna is a charming county with beautiful landscapes and rich history in the Kingdom of Luria, as a part of the Duchy of Pian-en-Luria.

The Belunese people endured generations under the rule of the Emperor of Hawks, compelled to provide resources such as iron and levies to fuel its relentless expansion. They toiled as thralls in mines and as soldiers, their sweat and blood instrumental in the Empire's conquests.

The Empire's downfall was inevitable, despite its establishment in the 1st year. As subrealms colapsed into slumber by the 37th year, incursions from neighboring domains and far-flung raiders expedited Hawks's collapse. After three and a half decades of ceaseless expansion and militarism, a transient peace settled upon the world, if only for a fleeting moment.

In the aftermath of the Empire's fall, Luria emerged on 38-4-1 as one of its successor states, with the local populace and migrants from various raiding parties assuming control of their destiny. Other successor states include Turindië and Valkyria.

Among the foreign raiders was Kolfinna Kolfiniya of the Rathgarian Confederation. Leading a force that reclaimed much of the region's territory, she was recognized by the Confederation on 38-7-5 as the ruler of the Belunese people, establishing Beluna as their nation, albeit still under foreign suzerainty.

To quell doubts among the populace regarding her legitimacy as an outsider, despite having little in common with the Belunese, Kolfinna defied the Confederation and wed a local Belunese Lord, Albertiano Rochalva, who assumed the rulership of Beluna in her stead and declared independence.

With deep cultural affinities to the broader Lurian community, it was determined that the county would align itself with the Successor Kingdom of Luria, swearing fealty to Pian. Under the protection of King Enacio Leal Seriaro, whose vision was to forge a unified Lurian identity and confront external adversaries, the sovereignty of the Belunese people was ensured. The King aimed to consolidate local support, foster a sense of belonging, and fortify against external threats, ultimately contributing to the establishment of a distinct Lurian culture.

The county boasts a peaceful coastline where fishermen work and visitors enjoy walks on the beach. In the surrounding forests, you can find diverse wildlife.

The towering Redgorge mountains are home to iron mines that support the local economy. The Redgorge River flows from these mountains, essential for farming and transportation.

The Belunese people are friendly and close-knit, known for their hospitality and warm hearts and hearths.