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The Order Of The Grey Custodians

Written by Lachlann Cousland on 33-58-1 (June 13, 2022 10:53)

"In Darkness, Light. In Falsehood, Truth. In Tyranny, Justice."

We are an order of warriors of exceptional ability dedicated to fighting evil and injustice throughout the world. We are currently headquartered in the Custodian's Keep in Deargailbh, also the base of operations for The Caorrani Custodians Chapter, and we aim to expand our influence across the world.

A Custodian's job is finding and dealing with dungeons, ridding the land of evil, protecting smaller settlements, defending the weak and fighting tyranny whenever we can.

As its founder and First-Custodian, I am looking for new members across the continent to open and run new Chapters in different realms and nations.

The Order of The Grey Custodians are divided into Chapters, each lead by a Custodian-Commander. The Commanders are subject to the First-Custodian, but are usually autonomous within their Chapter's country and rarely bothered by the central leadership.

This is the hierarchy within the Order:

The First-Custodian leads the entire Order of The Grey Custodians and oversees every Chapter. It's a position elected for life.

Custodian-Commanders lead their own Chapter. Each Chapter can only have one. It's a position elected for life.

High-Constables are the second-in-command of a Chapter. The public face of the Order, acting as an ambassador to their local realm. Each Chapter can only have one. It's a position appointed by his Commander.

Chamberlains of the Grey technically outranks the Commanders, to whom Custodian-Commanders send yearly reports regarding their Chapter's activities, then passing those reports to the First-Custodian, but lacks any practical power over them. Nowadays they mainly serve as treasurers. Each Chapter can only have one. It's a position appointed by his Commander.

Constables of the Grey are titles given to veteran Custodians who deserve special privileges and has the power to pass judgement in name of the Order and leading local recruitment. There's no limit to how many Constables a Chapter can have, but it's usually fewer than Custodians. It's a position awarded by any higher-ranking member of the Order.

Grey Custodians, generally just called a Custodian, are the rank-and-file members of the Order who have survived the joining training. There's no limit to how many Custodians a Chapter can have.

As for Chapters, each Principality or Kingdom can only have one. The requirements are simple: The Custodian-Commander of a Chapter needs at least one estate to serve as the headquarters of his Chapter and have that be the capital of his "Custodian Subrealm", much like how Deargailbh is the headquarters of The Caorrani Custodians within Caorran.

Custodian's Chapters are still considered vassals of his local liege, and owe their loyalty to their suzerain, pledged to defend his lands as any other regular vassal. The Custodians are never going to be asked to rebel or fight against his liege or his liege's allies.

We will be advising new Commanders regarding what their Chapter Subrealm should be called and how to add all the titles within.

Every person that thinks themselves worthy of becoming a Commander are hereby invited to join us at the Custodian's Keep to partake in our joining training and receive further instructions.

OoC: It's mainly a roleplay association inspired by another famous "Grey Order", and the main goal is to actually have several Barony-level subrealms around the world similar to The Caorrani Custodians. These subrealms will work the same as any other in regards to their suzerain/realm, except for the roleplay aspect. We would join up to complete dungeons and roleplay as its members.

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