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Recent Journal Entries

Recent writings from player characters about in-game events, observations, or thoughts.

A Meeting In The Northlands....

Written by Takkan d'Raibesselt on 33-47-1 (May 16, 2022 05:25)

Rivkah Kleykirya:

The clop-clop-clop of multiple horses resounding on the stone pavement, a small retinue reaches the gates of Lubbrowa with a black-axe-on-a-golden-field banner fighting against the wind and looming over the company.

On a small blue roan, a Second One herald announces the group towards the guards: "I introduce Chieftain Rivkah of the Clan of Tor Kleykirya of the Clans of the north, who requests audience with Lord Takkan d'Raibesselt of the Clanlands d'Serrai, and brings a gift in goodwill gesture..."

A ...


Imperial Revival

Written by Theon Park on 33-38-1 (May 2, 2022 10:55)

Contained within is the notes of Theon Park, Great Lord of Erstes Imperium and Prince of Ironhill..

Due to conflicts near and far from home, it has become clear that the current infrastructure built by those that came before us is insufficient to protect the Imperium and her allies. We have allowed once powerful and prosperous cities to age as the need for strong armies waned and the pen replaced the sword. Perhaps we thought the age of warfare behind us and that peace would rule in its stead; foolish w...


The High King's Retreat

Written by Vanessa Calinus on 33-35-4 (April 28, 2022 17:40)

Of the Fading Isles, there are many places that are old, many places where history is hidden in the trees or under the streets, but few places where one feels out of place. The High King's Retreat, I would argue, is one of those places.

It feels both of the old, pre-cataclysm ruins, and also as if my presence here is... Incorrect, is probably the best word.

Not unwelcome or even antagonistic, is this feeling, just incorrect. Perhaps it would be worse if I was not in possession of the High ...


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